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ADA Handicap Accessible Portable Toilets for Rent in Miami, FL

Our ADA  (handicap-accessible) portable toilet provides the safety, convenience, and comfort necessary for users with a physical disability or mobility impairment. Wheelchair-accessible units are essential at special events of all types including weddings, concerts, fairs, festivals, and parties.

The ADA  is packed with features to accommodate wheelchair-users or anyone who requires extra space. These ease-of-use features include:

  • More than 16 square feet of open interior floor space
  • Oversized, self-closing door
  • Roll-in ground level floor access
  • Interior handrails

The ADA  is also equipped with deluxe amenities including cup holders and shelves, as well as hand sanitizing stations to take care of all sanitation needs.

When accessibility, comfort, and reliability are a must, the ADA  is the must-have solution.

To explore your options, please contact us at any convenient time.

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  • All-new door design that features:

                - Indent on top of door allows for the addition of a Ryobi soft door closure 

                 - New rotary latch makes it easier for the to use

  • Barrier-free door sill - extra-wide door fits all wheelchairs
  • Spacious interior for wheelchair maneuverability
  • Handrail supports for assisted mobility
  • Occupancy indicator
  • Roll-in, ground level floor access
Advantages over other units
  • Take your service to the next level – offer customers a wheelchair-accessible option, or just an “Extra Large” unit that gives guests more space
  • Wheelchair-accessible entryway, self-closing door, spacious cabana, and interior grab rails make this unit suitable for special-needs users.
  • Extra-large size offers more than 16 square feet (2,318 square inches) of open interior floor space
Exterior Height
91 in / 231 cm
Interior Height
Exterior Width
62 in / 157 cm
Interior Width
Standard Base Exterior Length
Exterior Length (Optional Signature Style Handle Base)
Interior Length
Exterior Length
62 in / 157 cm
Holding Tank
33 gal / 125 L
Seat Height
19 in / 48 cm
240 lbs / 108 kg
Weight - Static Model less sink
Weight- Flush Model
Side Panel Decal Area
12 in x 23 in / 30 cm x 58 cm
Door Decal Area
27 in x 27 in / 68 cm x 68 cm

Family Friendly

The size and structure of ADA portable toilets make them an excellent option for both your guests with special needs and families with children. Besides being roomy and convenient for people who use a wheelchair, our units are family-friendly.

Since young kids may need the assistance of their parents or loved ones when using the restroom at your event, family-friendly handicap portable toilets are a great option to consider.

Our family-friendly ADA-accessible toilet units are:

  • Spacious – besides catering to people with disabilities, a large portable toilet is spacious enough to fit children and their caregivers as needed.
  • Stations with hand sanitizer – our toilets have stations with hand sanitizer. Since kids may have trouble washing their hands thoroughly, a sanitizer is a great additional cleansing option.
  • Diaper changing space – we offer family-friendly units with diaper changing space for families with infants and toddlers.

Overall, an ADA-compliant portable toilet can serve several purposes and become an irreplaceable option for your event.

Inclusivity for Events

Making sure that everyone is comfortable at your event involves a serious approach to a convenient restroom experience. Our ADA-compliant toilets can help make your event inclusive by:

  • Providing sufficient room – our toilets offer sufficient room for people who use wheelchairs.
  • Being gender-neutral – #1 Best Toilets build comfortable units that are inclusive of everyone and all guests.

Besides being spacious, our inclusive toilets have ground access to simplify entrance for people who use wheelchairs. They also come with an occupancy indicator to ensure comfortable use. With self-closing doors, these toilets don't just make it easy for your guests to use the restroom. They help prevent lines and avoid uncomfortable situations.

Minimize Tripping Hazards

Our portable toilets are designed to ensure accessibility while minimizing tripping hazards. Their full compliance with ADA-regulated design and installation requirements makes our units comfortable, convenient, and safe for people with disabilities.

The higher position of the seat (between 17 and 19 inches from the floor) makes it easier for your guests with mobility challenges to sit down and stand up from the toilet. This reduces the risk of falling and tripping significantly.

Toilets in our units have large bowls with a wide clearance around them. This provides more space for your guests who are using mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers to maneuver safely. The wider clearance also simplifies the transfer from a mobility aid to the toilet seat.

Our units have grab bars installed near the toilet area. These bars provide support and stability for guests who need assistance with balance or when transferring on and off the seat. By taking advantage of these grab bars, the person reduces the risk of falling.

Changing Room Access for Every Event

If your guests need to change during the event, our toilets provide ample room for their needs. A spacious ADA portable toilet has enough room to change clothes if necessary. It's also a great place to change children who can't do it on their own.

When you are hosting beach events, spacious changing rooms are irreplaceable. When they double as toilets, you save money while your guests save time.

Find the Right Equipment You Need for Your Event Today!

If you are organizing an event in Miami, you need high-quality ADA portable toilets. #1 Best Toilets offers a selection of spacious portable toilets that aren't just comfortable and accessible for people with disabilities. They are family-friendly and double up as changing rooms.

To explore your options, please contact us at any convenient time.

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