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Deluxe XL Luxury Porta Potty Rentals in Miami, FL

Our DELUXE XL  luxury portable restroom is engineered to satisfy the needs of VIP users at special events and other high-end gatherings where premium portable sanitation solutions are essential. Read about this product and more with #1 Best Toilets.

The versatile DELUXE XL  features 24 percent more interior space than other units in its category, providing a roomier experience for single users or accommodating parents with children. The corner tank design of the DELUXE XL  allows for additional amenities, such as a non-splash urinal and hand sanitizing station, to enhance the user experience. For an added touch of luxury, all DELUXE XL  units are equipped with a cup holder, shelf, coat hook, and hand sanitizing stations.

Despite being a portable event toilet with a touch of class, the DELUXE XL  maintains our built-tough qualities and user-friendly design that make maintenance quick and easy.

To explore your options, please contact us at any convenient time. Please give us a call if you have any questions: 833-NO-1-BEST.

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  • Maximum ventilation
  • Spacious design
  • Anti-slip floor surface
  • Occupancy signal latch
  • Sanitary seat deck and floor design
  • Translucent roof for better lighting
  • Corner tank
  • Non-splash urinal
  • Two or three tissue rolls
  • Corner shelf
Advantages over other units
  • Premium unit offers 24% more interior floor space than other units in its class
  • Corner tank allows for most efficient use of interior space
  • Easy to clean with sleek interior and exterior surfaces
Exterior Height
91 in / 231 cm
Interior Height
83 in / 211 cm
Exterior Width
47 in / 119 cm
Interior Width
45.5 in / 116 cm
Standard Base Exterior Length
48 in / 121.9 cm
Exterior Length (Optional Signature Style Handle Base)
47 in / 119 cm
Interior Length
43 in / 109 cm
Exterior Length
Holding Tank
60 gal / 227 L
Seat Height
19.5 in / 49 cm
Weight - Static Model less sink
195 lbs / 88 kg
Weight- Flush Model
243 lbs / 110 kg
Side Panel Decal Area
6 in x 37 in / 15 cm x 94 cm
Door Decal Area
22.5 in x 29 in / 57 cm x 74 cm

Ideal Events for the Deluxe XL Porta Potty

Our Deluxe XL Porta Potty is perfect for job sites, ball fields, festivals, or other events. Whether you need it for a short-term or long-term rental, you can rest assured that they will give you a touch of class and ensure a remarkable portable toilet experience. Some of the events that are perfect for our luxury porta-potty include the following:

Graduation Parties

If you plan to hold an open house graduation party, you will have a lot of house traffic when people use your bathroom. This can cause a lot of stress on your plumbing system. Don't put yourself at risk of a clogged plumbing system with our Deluxe XL porta potties at your disposal. We can help you offer your guests a comfortable toilet experience right from your backyard.


Add glamour to your beautiful backyard wedding with our luxury porta potty. Including one for your special event can free up long lines for the restroom and will allow guests to enjoy the event more fully.

Family Reunions

It's inevitable for everyone attending your family reunion party to use the bathroom. Cut down the stress on your home plumbing system by renting one of our porta potties, and enjoy your reunion party easily.

Corporate Events or Conference

If you're hosting a corporate event in an outside venue, you wouldn't want attendees to miss out on crucial information while waiting in line for a restroom. Our deluxe porta potties have a mirror, hand washing facilities, and other features that will give your attendees the perfect toilet experience.

Wine or Beer Tasting Event

If you're organizing a wine or beer-tasting event, you expect your attendees to visit the bathroom frequently. Keep them happy by providing our Deluxe XL porta potties and keep them as comfortable as possible.

Our Deluxe XL portable toilets are suitable for all kinds of events. Don't stress out about your guests with our luxury porta potties.

Capacity for Events

Like our Standard and Deluxe porta-potties, the Deluxe XL luxury porta-potty accommodates 200 uses. Therefore, one porta-potty is enough to serve 100 guests in a Four-hour event. To determine how many porta-potties you should provide the following information to us:

  • Type of occasion
  • Number of guests you expect
  • Number of hours your event will run
  • Whether there will be alcohol or drinks served (This is important to accommodate frequent toilet visits)

Please note that for construction sites, you must comply with OSHA Laws. These laws require the following number of toilets for health and sanitary purposes:

  • One portable toilet per gender for 20 employees
  • Two porta-potties per 40 workers for more than 20 employees
  • Two porta-potties per 50 workers for more than 200 employees

Engineered with High-End Users in Mind

Give your guests that "next level" experience with our Deluxe XL portable toilets. They're slightly larger than our standard and deluxe options and are equipped with the following features to guarantee the most exclusive user experience:

  • Two or three tissue rolls
  • A hand sanitization station
  • Coat hook
  • A cup holder
  • Anti-slip floor surfaces
  • Occupancy signal latch
  • Corner tank
  • Corner shelf
  • Sanitary seat deck and floor design

Find the Right Portable Restroom for Your Event Today

Does Deluxe XL porta potties sound like the best option for your event? At #1 Best Toilets, we have the perfect luxury porta potties. Besides having the ideal luxury porta potties for your event, we use eco-neutral substitutes in all our portable toilets to reduce the environmental impact of using formaldehyde-based cleaning agents. We also offer a click-to-pay option to make booking as easy as possible. Contact us for more information in Miami, FL today!

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