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When planning for outdoor events or construction sites, one crucial aspect to consider is the availability of portable toilets. While portable toilets provide convenience and hygiene, there are additional items that can enhance the overall experience and make these facilities more comfortable for users. #1 BEST TOILETS has many options for you to consider for your event. See what additional items we have that you can ask for in addition to portable toilet rentals in the Miami, Florida, area today!

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Our 250gal HOLDING TANK is an essential piece of equipment for long-term portable restroom rentals, such as an outdoor rest area or a multi day special event. Functional, discrete, and safe, the tank gives peace of mind to the workers or guests at the location. The HOLDING TANK is manufactured with extremely durable plastic and features heavy-duty, thick-wall construction. It has multiple ports to accommodate any plumbing configuration you may need and is easily set up for use with rubber couplers and clamps. If indoor plumbing isn't available and bulk waste storage is essential, a holding tank is a must-have. Our HOLDING TANK is ideal under job site trailers, RVs, emergency relief effort camps, or wherever reliable, clutter-free, maximum outdoor waste storage is needed.

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Our 275-gallon WATER HOLDING TANKS are some of the most commonly used because of their increased capacity, single pallet size footprint, strength and durability. Our caged totes are versatile and suitable for many work-use scenarios.

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Our HIGH-RISE units are designed exclusively for use in high-rise construction projects. With limited portable restroom options available once you leave the ground level, this is a product that provides plenty of perks. The HIGH-RISE is easily lifted by crane and/or elevator. It features built-in handles and heavy-duty, lockable casters and is just 33" wide to maximize transportability and maneuverability even through tight doorways and freight elevators. The unit is built tough with a steel frame and designed for long- life durability. It has an internal toilet and external urinal, and thewaste tank has a capacity of 38 gallons. To minimize downtime, high-rise construction workers need easily accessible portable toilet facilities. The HIGH-RISE portable toilet is the perfect solution for their needs.

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Our SINKS are two-user portable sinks that feature two soap dispensers, four paper towel dispensers, and hands-free, foot-pump operation. With a freshwater capacity of 22 gallons and gray water capacity of 24 gallons, our SINKS provides nearly 350 uses without refilling. Moving the sink is simple, thanks to its compact and innovative design.

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Sustainability First!

At #1BEST TOILETS, we're committed to protecting the environment and decreasing our impact on it. That's why we use eco-neutral substitutes in our toilets instead of the formaldehyde-based liquids used by some of our competitors. Our eco-neutral liquid is biodegradable, non-toxic, and chlorine-free. It helps preserve natural water sources by eliminating the need for chemical treatments.

See What Else We Have to Offer

Deluxe Porta Potty

The DELUXE is our most popular portable restroom. It appeals to a wide range of customers because it is lightweight yet durable, spacious, and user-friendly.
It is ideal for worksites and events like concerts and festivals. The DELUXE has more interior space than comparable units in the industry. It is easy to set up, maintain, and clean.
If you need a versatile and long-lasting portable restroom, the DELUXE is a must- have.

Deluxe XL Porta Potty

The DELUXE XL luxury portable restroom is designed for VIP users at special events and high-end gatherings. It provides a premium portable sanitation solution.
The DELUXE XL has 24% more interior space than other units in its category. It offers a spacious experience for single users or parents with children. The corner tank design allows for additional amenities like a non-splash urinal and hand sanitizing station. It aims to enhance the user experience.
In addition, the DELUXE XL units come with a cup holder, shelf, coat hook, and hand sanitizing stations. These added features provide a touch of luxury.
The DELUXE XL remains durable and easy to maintain. It retains our built-tough qualities and user-friendly design.

ADA Handicap Accessible Portable Toilets

Our ADA portable toilet is designed to meet the needs of users with physical disabilities or mobility impairments. It provides safety, convenience, and comfort. Wheelchair-accessible units are necessary at various special events like weddings, concerts, fairs, festivals, and parties.
The ADA portable toilet offers features specifically tailored for wheelchair users or those requiring extra space. These features include:
- More than 16 square feet of open interior floor space
- self-closing oversized door
- ground-level floor access is ideal for rolling in
- Interior handrails
Additionally, the ADA is equipped with deluxe amenities such as cup holders, shelves, and hand sanitizing stations to ensure sanitation needs are met.
When you need accessibility, comfort, and reliability, the ADA is the ideal solution.

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